Pink Urchins Bracelet

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This is the third in a series of these bracelets. One is owned by a friend in Edinburgh, the other is in the US. Each one is unique but this one is special as the closure is a lampwork bead made by a beading friend. It’s quite a chunky piece which is lovely on special occasions. I have been experimenting with a more slim line sea urchin element so the next in this series will be a little more low profile.

St Drostan Bangle

This bangle had a couple of outings over the summer. First at The Coast Festival in Banff and then at an arts show in the Episcopal Church in Strichen. I’d never been in the church before. It has a beautiful painted ceiling and an amazing hand made and embroidered altar piece. The work of real crafts people.

The bangle is an example of something new I’ve been developing. I’ve always enjoyed photography and I’ve been trying to find a way to combine the two and three dimensional this is the first step along the way. I need to work on the proportion of photograph and beadwork but I’m happy with this first step along the way.

The photograph is taken on New Aberdour beach standing at St Drostan’s well. St Drostan used the water from the spring that feeds this well in baptisms.

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First attempt at realising a necklace that has existed only as a sketch for years. Aquila is a 3 star constellation which contains a star called Altair. This piece of bead embroidery will form the off-centre of the necklace. I think I will try the centre piece again before working on the neckpiece, this first attempt is chunkier that I envisioned. I’ll put a lovely back on this piece and convert it into a brooch.

Blue Suffolk Puff Necklace

Such a long time since I posted anything here, I have been working on new projects but haven’t blogged them. Time to post a few pieces again.

The first is this navy blue necklace. I found the making very satisfying. I have a stack of suffolk puffs as these are something I like to make unthinkingly in the evening. They are nice elements to be incorporated along with my sea urchins and I really enjoyed putting this piece together. I usually make bracelets as these are quicker and more popular but I enjoy taking the time to make necklace. Necklaces take longer and are a bit more challenging.




Pincushion and Deep Sea Bracelet


Time off work means time I can spend making. I have been coveting pin cushions recently so knocked one up this afternoon, think I’ll continue to add to it as its not as pretty as I’d like yet.

The bracelet is the first  piece of beading I’ve done in a while so I kicked off with my favourite colours and themes for old time’s sake.