Pattern and Colour

Working in beads freed me to use and abuse colour. I never met two beads that couldn’t look good together. Some linking colours to clash or calm hold pieces together. Form and 3D came naturally but colour needed to grow. I’m loving felt pen in the same way as bead colours. The colours are static and vibrant, there’s no mixing pigment or tonality so you need to take the colours on the chin!

Felt Pens

I’m really enjoying drawing at the moment. My sketchbook is shared with my 3 year old which keeps me from getting precious and means I don’t feel like I need to wait until I’m alone to draw. She’s knocking out some beautiful stuff. We work in felt pen. I have some lovely panetone ones along with a motley collection of garish cheap ones. The colours are lovely and combined with watercolours and metallics pretty adaptable.