Lincoln and Grantham Cabinet

Lincoln and Grantham Cabinet

On a day out to Skegness we stopped off in Louth on the way home. James and I came across a really great antique shop where I spent a happy hour trawling for things I couldn’t live without. I’m a sucker for small wooden cabinets and boxes. I had bought this 12inch cabinet in a table top sale in Skegness and then picked up some antiqued ordinance survey maps in Louth. At the time of purchase I had no plans to combine the two. Later as I unpacked the bag containing the cabinet and maps I thought how beautiful a tiny map covered cabinet would be. I thought it would be a quick project, little did I know it was to take me about 5hours. There were quite a few knobbly bits and lining the interior was quite tricky. I’m really pleased with the cabinet now, it makes the perfect display cabinet for my large beaded Sea Urchins.

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